The mother of Franchesca “The Prophet” broke the silence and for the first time talks about the unfortunate news that we all received this weekend.

Yubelkis Lizandro confirms that it is true that his daughter died on Saturday around 1 am in the morning of an asthma attack.

She expresses the great sorrow for the loss of her daughter and thanks all the fans of her daughter for having helped her.

In that same order, a friend of Franchesca “The Prophet”, denounced this Saturday that unscrupulous have created a false account on the Internet to ask for money for his funeral.

The Dominican who calls himself Iamsevenlives, on Instagram called to ignore those types of page and not “give anything to anyone.”

“In the case of Franchesca, no GoFundMe has yet been made (platform for profit). They have not put anything. Now it was that they communicated with mom. No page that is putting GoFundMe, all that is a lie, “warned the young man who said that when he makes contact with his mother or manager, he will communicate in case there is any intention to help do it directly with them.